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    SAP Overview

    SAP is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning software) from the company SAP AG, Germany. SAP technology helps its clients with growing competition and business requirements. It is mostly implemented in large or medium size organizations to assimilate all the processes. All the processes and departments of an organization are handled by their respective modules in SAP. SAP can be customized according the requirements of the organization.

    The four types of SAP projects provided by Metaphor are - Implementation Project, Rollout Project, Supporting Projects & Upgradation Projects .


    At METAPHOR, we provide end-to-end implementation projects, i.e. all the processes involved in implementing SAP ERP in an enterprise from project preparation to go live and support services. The processes involve Project Preparation, Blueprinting, Realization, Final Preparation, Go Live and lastly Support.


    An enterprise that already has implemented SAP and wants to expand their business or services to other location is known as a Rollout Project. Metaphor offers effective Rollout solutions to existing as well as new clients.


    Once the end-to-end SAP implementation is done for an organization, the immediate next process is Support. At Metaphor, we provide complete support solutions. Support project helps clients, when they face any problems or errors in the existing software. Organizations can rise a ticket to rectify the bugs/ errors and we use ticketing tools for tracking the tickets or issues.


    SAP upgradation projects are most important thing for the success of an organization. Upgrading generally means updating or moving from an existing version to latest version that have better solutions and advantages. At Metaphor, we offer both Technical as well as Functional upgradation solutions.